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One of the skin problems that some of us have today is the xanthelasma. Although it may give you the impression of something like a type of medicine or drug, but it is a described as a flat and yellow-colored growth that can be found on the outer surface of the eyelids and is usually nearby the nose. Although it might look like something of a complication, it is actually not cancerous. It is a growth that is composed of fatty substances, and is usually considered as an indication for the person to have high cholesterol levels.

Causes and symptoms

There are some skin problems that are found to have certain causes but xanthelasma is one of those skin issues that don’t have any causes to its growth. However, there are certain studies that have connected this case of skin problem to elevated cholesterol stages, especially to the young age and teens.

This is a skin problem which is actually associated with the cholesterol issue and a characterization of the hyperlipidemia IIA.

A xanthelasma does not hide and can be actually recognized easily. Nonetheless, this is neither cancerous nor malignant type of skin disorder.


Xanethelasma is related to the case of xanthoma, a deposition of yellow-colored cholesterol-plenty substance found in tendons and other parts of the body. Although this skin problem disappears on its own, some people would actually want their physician to remove it. The physicians get the work done through the process of freezing these growths with a compound known as liquid nitrogen, a tremendously cold solution that eliminates fatty tissues. The treatment can actually be done in the office or in a house, if a house-call is granted, and can be mainly performed by a dermatologist or a qualified physician.

Right after the tissue is successfully removed, the physician may evaluate it for certain health reasons and if found out that you have cholesterol issues, you may lower down your cholesterol intake and performed particular activities to lose fat.

If you think that these are lesions that need removal, you have to think about that otherwise and don’t do things like the following.

  • Do not attempt, or even think about it, to remove the xanthoma-type growth with over-the-counter drug or medications. You have to contact your physician to determine what growth is it and he may arrange for a removal procedure for you. He may not only get rid of those “lesions” but he can also determine your cholesterol levels.
  • Right after the successful removal of the growth, follow the physicians’ instructions on how to take care of it.