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An unblemished skin is the dream of all women.  So any wart, pimple, or blackhead is a bane to the modern woman.  What more if they had whiteheads lording over their faces? So they turn to home remedies or go to the extent of avoiding chocolates.  But still, the unsightly little boils persist to plague the expanse of their face.

An understanding of this skin condition will help women get the right regimen to minimize or get rid of this problem. Whiteheads are the accumulation of oily substances under the hair follicle.  The condition is more pronounced around the eyes because the skin is finer.    When sebum or other oily debris are trapped under the skin, and left untreated lead to more serious skin problems. Dermatologists call this extreme condition cystic acne.

It is not enough to wash the face twice a day with mild soap and warm water. There are other measures to keep the skin pustules in check.   There are facial washes with gentle beads that act as exfoliation agents. These can prevent formation of new whiteheads.    Exfoliating scrubs are also helpful; but choose the softer scrubs. Clay masks and facial peels can be used periodically to rid the condition.   Oil-free skin care products should be used to prevent another outbreak.  Mothers were right when they admonished not to touch the face or squeeze the whiteheads with the fingernails.  The skins get infected with improper and unhygienic handling.    The services of a dermatologist will be necessary if the whiteheads remain stubborn despite these precautions and tips.

A popular home remedy is exposing your face to the steam of boiling water for 6-8 minutes.  The skin will soften up and the pores will open.  Using an extractor, press an affected area, and the white goo will be dislodged.  Swab the area with alcohol or benzoyl peroxide to prevent exposure of the open pore to bacteria.  This practice is not encouraged by dermatologists.   

To maintain unblemished skin, women are advised to drink plenty of water and fruit juice.  Vegetables and fruits should be eaten regularly in more portions.  The morning brew of honey dissolved in a glass of warm water will detoxify the skin.  If   possible, avoid using heavy makeup and sunscreens.  Let your skin breathe.  

There are several treatments for whiteheads; they come in creams, lotions, and gels. There are Benzoyl, Salicylic Acid, Retin-A and peroxide.  There are also natural herbs in the market.