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White Bumps on Face

White bumps on the face can be defined as cysts which are filled with keratin. In simpler terms, white bumps are a collection of dead cells which get blocked inside the skin. White bumps on the skin can be categorized into two forms: primary and secondary white bumps. The primary white bumps grow due to the improper development of the oil gland, and the secondary white bump is caused due to excessive exposure to chemicals.

People often confuse white bumps with acne. Both these skin conditions are very different from each other, and thereby treatment options for acne should not be applied in the case of white bumps for the skin, as they can cause severe damage to the skin.
Skin bumps are caused when the body gets exposed to sunrays for a long period of time. Using a sunscreen comprising of zinc oxide can help you to resolve the problem of sun exposure and white bump formation. There are many ways through which white bump treatment can be done.

White Bump Removal:

Exfoliating the skin regularly will help you to get rid of cells which were damaged by white bumps, and new skin will develop on the affected area. A face scrub or a body scrub can be utilized for skin exfoliation. If you exfoliate the skin thrice a week, then the white bumps on your skin and face will heal faster.
Cleansers consisting of hydroxyl acid, when used twice a day can make the white bumps vanish quickly. The application of retinoid based topical cream on the affected region can improve your condition. Cosmetics which contain oil based ingredients should be avoided.

Chemical peels are suggested for people suffering with white bumps which have gotten severe over a period of time. The process of chemical peeling comprises of the application of an acid on the affected area so that the uppermost layer of the skin can get destroyed. After the completion of the procedure, the skin will look much younger minus the white bumps. If your case is too severe then you may require more than one session of chemical peeling.
The presence of white bumps on skin can also be removed surgically. Microdermabrasion is another method through which you can remove your white bumps. Several sessions may be required to treat this condition properly. To prevent the occurrence of scarring from white bumps you should control the urge to squeeze or scratch them.