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Varicose Veins

One of the conditions that come with age is getting varicose veins.  This condition comes as a result of veins becoming enlarged and gnarled as your age progress.  Although all veins are varicose, this condition usually affects the legs and the feet because constant walking and standing adds more and more pressure to the veins of our lower body.

The appearance of this condition is similar to twisted cords that protrude from under the skin, the color of which are mostly blue or dark purple.  They are mostly seen on the inside part of your leg as well as on your calves' back, but they could occur anywhere in the leg area, which is basically from your ankle up to your groin. Veins that are varicose are often results of the pooling of blood in your veins and could result in them appearing blue because the blood has already been deoxygenated.

Although, most people consider varicose veins as a concern that is mainly cosmetic, there are others who see it as bothersome because they are uncomfortable and in some cases, painful.  There are even times when this condition, especially when it is coupled with pain, could result in problems that are more serious in nature, as they may also mean that you are in great risk of acquiring certain circulatory disorders.

It is common for a person to have this condition with a feeling of heaviness and pain in the legs as well as throbbing and burning sensations at the lower part of the appendages.  The leg muscles could also be subjected to cramps.  These uncomfortable aches and pains are usually worsened if you stand or sit at prolonged periods of time.  This condition also comes with a degree of itching around the affected veins.  If you have this condition as well as a formation of skin ulcers at the ankle area, it is possible that you already have acquired a vascular disease that is quite severe.  If this is the case, you should already contact a doctor for medical help.

Even if this condition could require medical attention, especially if it is already severe, treating varicose veins by your self is quite easy.  You can help yourself be rid of the condition's aches and pains as well as avoid it's worsening by targeting to lose some of your excess weight, by exercising and elevating your legs from time to time and by not putting on clothes that are fittingly tight.  It would also help if you take care not to sit or stand for long intervals of time.  If treating varicose veins by yourself just won't cut it anymore, then you could approach a doctor, who could advise you on what is best to be done to alleviate your condition.