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One of the common and popular skin problems during the time of summer or any other activity that involves that extreme exposure to the sun is the case of sunburn. Almost any of us have already experienced this type of problem and we actually just ignore it most of the time since it disappears on its own. However, there are certain sun exposure problems that can lead a minor sunburn to certain cancerous conditions. And if you are not too careful about, then a complication may arise.


How does sun burn our skin? Actually sunburns are literally a burn on our skin, which is caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This can result into the inflammation and redness of our skin due to the overall exposure to the sun. And one thing that you have to know is that, with only 25-30 minutes of exposure to the sun, you are actually burning your skin already.

  • The “brothers” of skin destruction; the UVA and UVB. These are two different wavelengths in the sun’s lethal rays. Both of these rays can not only cause sunburns but also the case of photoaging, a premature aging of our skin, but the more damaging of the two is the UVB that is responsible for bringing skin cancer.
  • Regions that are close to the equator area and locations that have high altitudes are the fields the sun’s frying pan. You can hide under the trees or beach houses but who wouldn’t want to have fun on that open sea, might as well get a bit of sunburn then.
  • If you consider yourself as one of those people who are light-skinned and also fair-haired, then you are posing yourself as a great opportunity to acquire sunburns.


Get your own dose of sunburn relief when you simply get out of those tanning beds, cover yourself with something, an umbrella perhaps, or just stay in a cool place. But the most effective measure in preventing sunburns is to expose yourself to the sun moderately and with the use of fluids or skin creams with aloe vera that can counter the effects of the sun’s rays.

But if you are already sunburned, the best thing you can do is to just stay away from the sun. Other measure that you can do is to take a cool bath but avoid scrubbing the affected area and slowly dry out the affected area with the use of a soft towel.

However, if the sunburn indicates severe pain and blistering, headache, nausea and confusion, it’s time for you to get a medical treatment.