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Stretch Marks

In the case of having stretch marks, no one is actually proud about it. Even the mothers who have gotten through the process of giving birth, they loathe the presence of those hideous lines that they have. This is actually one of those skin problems that are normal to the boys and girls’ puberty stage and also to those people who are fond of eating, stretching and working out.


A line of stretch marks appear especially when a rapid weight gain or growth is performed by the body. They are called so since the skin stretches when there is an expansion of the skin. The skin can be considered as elastic but when it is already overstretched, the collagen’s regular production is disordered. And as a result, stretch marks or stretch lines appear. A collagen, by the way, is a key protein that builds up the connective tissue of our skin.

And if you think that you’re the only one with a bad case of stretch mark, you are not alone actually. Girls and women do have concerns when it comes to having stretch marks which usually tends to be present in their thighs, breasts, hips and buttocks and many women actually have this during their pregnancy. However, this may be popular to women, but men can actually have one too.

So, one major question that most people would think about is how to get rid of stretch marks.


Stretch mark removal methods are increasingly available today. But other than the usual medications, diet programs are introduced to lessen the development of stretch marks. Surgical procedures are also added to the mix.

  • Skin creams and lotions – one of the most common methods in hiding those hideous lines is with the use of a stretch mark cream or skin lotion. These are actually over-the-counter products that are available for you to buy. But you have to ask your doctor’s recommendation on which skin cream product is applicable to you. If pregnant, see your doctor to determine certain preventive measures before stretch marks cover those areas.
  • Diet programs – when it comes to dieting, it is actually considered as an “easier said than done” type of method. But if you are determined to get rid of these stretch marks, dieting is another method in getting rid and preventing those lines for good.
  • Surgical procedures – when all else fails, there’s always your physician waiting for you since you asked him what stretch mark cream should you use. He can perform methods like laser surgery or dermabrasion to eliminate those unwanted stretch marks of yours.