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Skin Rashes on Face

A rash refers to abnormal eruptions on the skin. These eruptions affect the texture and appearance of the skin – the skin develops red patches and the rash bumps disrupt the smooth surface of the skin. The rashes are generally accompanied by blisters, pricking and itching, drying of skin, and a burning sensation. The rash may break out across the entire body or may be concentrated at one particular region of the body. When the rashes are centered on the face and neck, it is referred to as a face skin rash.

Causes of Facial Skin Rash

Facial skin rashes are caused by a number of reasons, the most common being an allergic reaction. Rashes could also be caused by viruses, fungus, genetic predisposition, etc. When treating a skin rash on the face it is important not to self medicate. The wrong treatment could further irritate your skin and cause face and neck sink rash to flare. Consult your doctor first for the best course of action.

Heat Rash – A heat rash is a common face and neck skin rash. It occurs when the body is exposed to harsh, hot and humid conditions. The symptoms include small, itchy bumps that surface on the skin. The rashes are itchy. This leads one to scratch and the scratching makes the condition worse. Common treatment includes keeping the body cool, heat rash body powders and wearing loose, comfortable clothes.

Eczema – Eczema is a range of skin conditions that result in skin inflammation and rash. There are a number of eczema variants, the most common being atopic dermatitis. Its symptoms include rash, swelling, dry skin rashes on the face and body. Eczema may be a symptom of an underlying illness (typically diabetes), a reaction to allergens, exposure to environmental agents, or due to genetic makeup.

Contact Dermatitis – Another common form of eczema is contact dermatitis. It is a result of exposure to external allergens and harsh irritants; allergens include pollen, foods and animal hair, while irritants include chemicals, medications and metals. When a part of the body, the face in this case, comes into contact with a chemical or a certain allergen, it reacts negatively and erupts in rashes. For example if you use a face skin cream with an ingredient that affects the body negatively, you’ll be sporting an angry rash within no time. The symptoms include blisters, dry skin and an itchy, burning sensation.

Hives – Hives are also known as urticaria. It is a reaction to allergens, viral infection, temperature fluctuations, etc. Symptoms of hives include red rashes, patchy skin, itchiness and burning. A hives outbreak last for up to six weeks. If the rash persists long after this time frame, it is considered to be a case of chronic hives.  

Fungal Infection – Fungal Infections are a common cause of skin rashes on the face. Small amounts of fungus exist in the body without causing any harm. Bacteria present in the body keep the fungus in check. However, if the body’s balance is altered it may cause the fungus to multiply. This results in conditions like yeast infection, ringworms, etc. The common course of treatment is antifungal medications.