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Skin Irritation

Skin irritation causes a tingling or itching sensation and often results in the need to scratch the area. The main purpose of the skin as an organ is to protect the body from dehydration and infections, and this means that the skin is also exposed to a variety of internal and external factors that can cause skin irritation, the most common reason being a bad reaction with a chemical or an allergic reaction to food. However there are other causes of irritation of skin too — these include sunburn, dry skin, contact dermatitis, aging, insect bites and stings, parasite infection, contact irritants like soaps and fabric, hives, atopic dermatitis , some rashes, and superficial skin infections as well. Other reasons for skin irritation also include liver disease (usually with jaundice), kidney disease, an allergic reaction to medication or metals, opiates and even vitamin A; pregnancy and diseases such as hepatitis, and anemia are also possible causes of skin irritation.

Irritation of Skin Treatment

If the irritation of skin is persistent then it is advisable to consult your doctor or dermatologist for a proper diagnosis and treatment as the problem can get aggravated and lead to further complications. The first step to keep in mind when tackling skin irritation is to avoid scratching the area; this will only aggravate your condition causing further damage. Make sure to wear cool, loose clothing and as far as possible avoid wearing rough fabrics if the area is covered by your clothing. Taking a luke warm bath with very little soap is also is a good way to reduce irritation, after which you can use a moisturizer to avoid dry skin (which is also known to be a cause of skin irritation). As far as possible avoid exposing yourself too long to heat and humidity, as they tend to aggravate the symptoms. In order to combat irritation in skin you can try using an over the counter anti histamine or a hydrocortisone cream. These medications should not be overdone though, as they can have serious side effects. Another way that you can try to reduce skin irritation is use a cold compress on the area that is itching. The cold compress will serve to soothe the inflammation and reduce the intensity of the irritation. The best way to reduce skin irritation is find out what is causing it and then avoid it completely; you may need to use protective gloves or a special kind of soap, or avoid using a certain kind of clothing in order avoid skin irritation.