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Neurodermatitis, which is also called lichen simplex, is a tenacious skin condition distinguished by its constant irritation and itching sensation. In due time, the affected area of the skin will turn out thick and rubbery.

In most considerations, neurodermatitis is not serious, but the annoying case of constant itching and scratching will pose a great challenge to you. There are effective treatments which can are developed to recognize and stop the features of neurodermatitis that may have caused the problem to be as severe as you want to describe it. The doctor’s prescriptions and other skin creams can contribute a lot to stopping this skin condition and once it does, you’re going to wait for at least months for your skin to go back to its normal look.

Neurodermatitis Cause

Studies and researches are ongoing on how neurodermatitis develop, but right now there is actually no precise cause of why this kind of skin condition appears out of the blue. Every now and then, neudordermatitis usually starts with a simply scratch that can irritate the skin like a garment or dust-related cases and as you start rubbing the irritated area, it gets more itchy and you may want to rub it more than ever. And the more you rub, the more it gets itchier and this could lead to scratching and so on.
In some circumstances, neurodermatitis is linked together with the various types of skin conditions like the dry skin, or psoriasis. However, the speculated conditions of being stressed and anxiety can actually generate the irritation also except for allergies.

Neurodermatitis Treatment

It could be hard to distinguish on what does neurodermatitis really looks like so you may have to see a doctor or dermatologist to identify one. Once the itching really bothers you already that hinder your normal activity and sleep, you’re going to have to start seeing what solutions are in store for you.

Obviously, neurodermatitis irritation will not ease if the scratch-itch sequence is stopped. The doctor or dermatologist may require you to start wearing a bandage that should be hard for you to strip off just to satisfy that scratch-itch need. Skin creams and lotions can help too.

A medication called coticosteroids can be injected right into your skin lesions to decrease the urge of itching and irritation. Antihistamines and sedatives can also be applied to decrease the itching that could lead into scratches and scars. Necessary measures like counseling, behavior adjustments and other related improvements should also be considered to eliminate the neurodermatitis condition.