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Information On Measles Prevention and Cure for Measles

Measles is another disease that has quite a history.  The first case thought to exist was reported back in 600 B.C.  Although some doctors have confused measles with smallpox we are now aware of the differences and how to prevent the disease from becoming a larger problem.  We know have vaccines that are given to children to prevent measles.  Most of us recognize the shot given as the MMR shot, which stands for measles, mumps, and rubella.  The vaccination is the best way to prevent the measles from spreading; however if you or a family member does contract the disease there are preventative measures you should take.

First of all the measles is spread through respiration.  This means that fluids from the mouth and nose will carry the disease and aerosol transmissions that result from blowing ones nose, breathing or coughing can actually spread the disease.  Most individuals have an incubation period, which means the person has no symptoms in the first stage of the infection.  Most incubation periods last from four to twelve days.  During this time they are infectious and will remain infectious for up to five days after symptoms present.  If anyone in your family did not have the vaccination or was immune to the vaccination they can contract the measles.

Symptoms of Measles and Measles Treatment

Symptoms that you should be aware of include fever, cough, runny nose, and red eyes.  The fever typically lasts three days and will be around 105 degrees Fahrenheit.  You may also experience a rash that will cover most of the body and itch much like the chicken pox do.  It is important that you do not scratch this rash as it will scar and cause other problems like a reoccurrence in the case.

Most often for a simple case of the measles there is no treatment other than rest and occasionally medication to help reduce fevers or the itching.  Some patients may contract pneumonia as a result of having the measles as it is also a respiratory disease.  There are some complications that could arise from those who contract the measles.  They include diarrhea, and encephalitis.  In rare occasions, mostly adult cases, the measles have been known to be fatal.

If you have more questions about measles and how you can prevent it from spreading please seek a doctor for material on the disease.  They will be more than happy to make sure you have had your vaccination especially if you have been around someone with a case recently.