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With the many types of cancer and tumors that exist for us to be wary of us we never want to here the words in relation to anything that we may have.  The truth is there are some cancers or tumors that exist that are benign.  Benign tumors mean they will not harm the person, in other words they are not malignant and having them will not cause you to need extensive medical attention.  Lipoma is a type of benign tumor that exists subcutaneously.  This means it is a skin tumor.  Skin cancer can be of several varieties and while some are hereditary, Lipoma has not conclusively been ruled as genetic.

Genetic are not Lipoma should be addressed if you have the tumors.  The tumors occur in the tissue near the head, neck or shoulders.  The Lipoma is painless and if you feel a tumor under the skin it will seem moveable, even soft.  The tumor secures it self to fatty tissues.  There are five types of Lipoma superficial subcutaneous, intramuscular, spindle cell, angiolipoma lipoblastoma, and tendon, nerves and synovium.  Most cases are thought to arise from an injury, although there are other reasons a person may be affected with Lipoma.

The best treatment for this type of tumor is considered to be excision.  This means that the Lipoma is cut away until the entire tumor is removed.  It is the best method because it will remove the Lipoma tumor completely from the area.  Liposuction has been known to be another treatment to avoid scarring; however sometimes the Lipoma tumor is not completely removed by this method and the tumor may reform.  Protein injection is not as popular as a treatment, but believed to help reduce the tumor until it is gone.  The newest method of treatment that is being studied at this point is ultrasound waves as a means to reduce the tumor and avoid scarring.

As stated above Lipoma is not considered a hereditary condition although there have been cases where it has been genetic.  While Lipoma is a benign tumor it is still important to have the tumors removed by one of the four methods available.  If you feel that you may have a Lipoma tumor you will want to visit a doctor to find out whether you are indeed suffering from the Lipoma.  You will want to ask as many questions of your doctor on not only prevention, but on the procedures available to reduce the Lipoma.