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Lichen Planus

Lichen planus is a kind of a skin disease which occurs in an extend period of time that lasts up to months, or even years. The initial step of lichen planus could be steady or could sometimes get rapidly, because, like various skin disease, it is considered unidentifiable. There have been many presumptions and assumptions that most experts have been studying on what causes lichen planus. Common speculations have included the common stress, immunologic, the genetic, etc. Medicines that are intended for use on heart ailments and arthritis can often result into lichen planus-like side effects and could be disregarded in situations because we need the drugs to ease the pain.

Lichen planus can be distinguished by its itchy, has an angular shape and purple bumped surface on your skin, especially on your forearms that needs attention from a dermatologist. This skin disease occur almost anywhere on your skin and can also sometimes be found on your back, neck, ankles, wrists and lower legs. But there are certain consequences that lichen planus which appear on the genital area, mouth, and nails on some people. Lichen planus can oftentimes have negligible indications and treatment could be unnecessary. On the other hand, there are a large number of cases that the lichen planus’ itching can be endless and severely annoying. And once you have sustained these features, you may have to take certain measure to ease it.

Lichen Planus Treatment

Lichen planus can be shown by skin biopsy to determine its distinguishable look in your body and this can be the only way to provide the necessary diagnosis. Actually, most doctors don’t have an idea that there are at least 30 medications that are associated with lichen planus-like symptoms and it has already been accounted that it normally occurs in those individuals who are bothered with a muscle disease. These people may be the favorites of lichen planus since they are unable to provide the necessary and adequate nutrients from various healthy foods, and those individuals who have incurred a cancer known as lymphoma.

The only way that Lichen planus can be treated is with the use of cortisone-type medications since a lot of doctors don’t actually know what basis this skin disease has. However, cortisones may treat lichen planus but it also has the dreaded side effects that doctors have to keep certain pills and high dosage vaccines for special use. Cortisones are more effective mostly when they are injected on the patient’s mouth and the affected parts while the creams and other elements of medication can also be applied to contribute a little bit of help.

Lichen planus can be very annoying but it’s either you take the cortisone method or just leave it there until it goes away in a year or two, or you might have to wait for 20 years.