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More and more males are affected by keloids. This can be attributed to the increasing consumption of males of unhealthy foods like soda and junk foods. Along with these are the decreasing sanitary activities which the males fail to engage in. With so many other things that can be done by males while sitting – like failing to observe proper hygiene– the males of today are deprived of the knowledge of what is keloids are all about. This epidemic of lumps and keloids on ears is indeed undoubtedly due to the increasing abundance of high-energy foods especially fatty foods, sedentary lifestyles and improper hygiene.
Early methods and procedures for keloids treatment are in a lot of aspects considerably unlike from current recommendations. The amount of pharmacologic agents accessible for keloids treatment must be adequate. Antibiotics and other drugs are the key agents provided for keloids treatment. Paradoxically, oxygen and working out, a couple of the most common elements of treatment today are deemed helpful. Antibiotics have been accessible to take care of patients with lumps and keloids on ears for years and frequently were controlled consistently in male patients. Antibiotic treatment is being employed more prudently nowadays than it was in the past. Antibiotic resistance formerly was recognized in the 1970s and has been growing progressively in commonness.
The treatment for recovery is done right after the male patient experiences symptoms of keloids. Since the diagnostic results for the males with lumps and keloids on ears is more than 50 percent in males above the age of 50, these males must also have immediate treatment, ideally within one month of detection, if the initial signs have been evident.
The direct relationship and connection of unhealthy lifestyle and conditions such as lumps and keloids on ears determines a male’s risk of developing these medical conditions.

Increasing the level of improper hygiene increases the risk of developing keloids. Having an improper hygiene is the primary cause of these ailments among males. Men who have keloids are more likely to suffer from low self esteem once they get older. Also, there are other serious problems that can get complicated in males with various lumps and keloids on ears. Males with keloids problems would be more prone to developing other skin diseases.

Lumps and keloids probably originate in the ear area with a time relationship between the genes and skin quality. It is surprising that symptoms of keloids do not originate in the pubic section, which usually initiate and grow in regenerating or rapidly developing rashes. It is rare for keloids to develop before the age of 24. The development of lumps and keloids on ears argues that susceptibility to these skin ailments is probably created much earlier in life.

Many, if not most, skin ailments of the body cause pain and this includes keloids. Symptoms of keloids can result from the progression of the condition or from efforts or initiatives to cure or control the condition. Their response to the illness depends on things such as their relationship to the male patient, the stage of the disease and their own personalities.