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Heat Rash on Skin Causes, Symptoms and how to cure Skin Itch and Spots:

Heat rash, also called prickly heat, affects a person regardless of his or her age although it is more common among babies. It is a condition caused by too much heat and such result in itching and stinging of the areas of the skin. Based on pictures of heat rash affected areas, one can immediately notice the results of prickly heat rash since the affected skin area will be reddish and small bumps will appear. One should also immediately treat this type of condition in order to prevent heat exhaustion, fever or even death.

Babies are very susceptible to this type of condition because they do not have complete power over their metabolism and immune system yet. Babies, more often than not, contract heat rash especially during summer or warm weather days and you will notice that their faces or necks have become reddish. They will also be very irritable and may cry incessantly. Do not fret since there is first aid treatment available for this.

The most ideal and effective baby heat rash treatment is to immediately put the baby in a dry, cooler, less humid area. Also, since heat rash is due to active sweat glands, change the baby’s clothes right away. Use light clothes, especially those made out of natural fabrics since they can absorb the sweat better. Put the baby in a shaded, airy area. It will also help if you gently wipe the baby’s entire body with a cool and wet cloth to help hasten the reduction of body heat levels. You can also use anti-heat rash powder for treatment although you have to first make sure if this is proper and is suffice. Consult a pharmacist or better yet, your pediatrician, so that you will know what appropriate powder can be used and for how long such should be applied on the baby’s skin. In some cases, the doctor will recommend the use of certain creams like hydro cortisone or calamine so always seek their professional advice.

As soon as the baby calms down a bit and you think that the baby can handle it, you may want to give the young one a cool bath. This will greatly affect the baby’s body heat level. Be sure, though, that the water that you use is not too cold since that will probably only worsen the situation and the baby may even become more irritable. It is also recommended that you ask for the advice of your doctor before you give further treatments.

Baby heat rash is a very delicate condition. You should always make sure that you know how to prevent it from happening again and if ever it does, you should know how to immediately treat it. Always remember to check the weather whenever you bring the baby outside of your home and keep the baby safe and comfortable in shaded areas.