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hat Causes Easy Bruising? Easy Bruising Disease

You may actually find that bruised mark somewhere on your arms, or legs or feet but you don’t think that it a bump caused that bruise somewhere. And you noticed that you’ve been getting these easy bruising effects more than it used to be.

Easy bruising could be treated and healed in some way since it is normal for the aged people to have that. But easy bruising can also be an indication that will lead to a serious complication and this should not always be taken lightly. You can actually seek an advice from your doctor or physician to know more about easy bruising.

Easy Bruising Treatment - Stop Easy Bruising

Bruises appear when our capillaries that are found close to our skin’s exterior are damaged due to an extensive amount of impact caused by a strike or injury. A bluish or violet/black spot will then appear since the blood will flow out of the blood vessel right after the collision. But, normally, we tend to ignore it since our body soaks up the leaking blood and the bruised spot will automatically vanish.

Individuals though, particularly on a large percentage of women, acquire easy bruising more than the other individuals do. When we get older, there are certain aspects and other consequences that add to the chances of getting easy bruising, which consists of:

  • Skin thinning – when we get older enough, our skin loses its elasticity, it turns skinny and loses other pigments or necessary layers that aids our blood vessels opposed to the devastating blows. Sun exposure is another cause to skin thinning.
  • Old-ridden capillaries – eventually, the tissues that have been giving necessary aid to our vessels deteriorate, and the capillary mass turns out to become delicately attracted to breakage. Therefore, easy bruising results.


Another Level of Bruising

In certain situations, easy bruising may actually point to that level of achieving a more severe complication like the blood-clot difficulty or even blood ailments. If you have experienced the following indications, please meet up with your physician:

  • Easy bruising development in certain areas which are unusual for you; and it tends to appear for no apparent cause at all
  • A sudden appearance of bruises, especially when you have noticed that you have been experiencing easy bruising after taking your newly acquired medicines
  • You get easy bruising from almost just a bit of bump and you’re having unusual flow of blood somewhere in your body like from your nose and gums.