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What Causes Cyanosis? Signs and Symptoms of Cyanosis

Try this: tie your index finger tightly with a string and observe. That pinkish finger of yours suddenly turns blue. This is caused by the lack of oxygen flowing in that part of the bloodstream. It is because oxygen makes blood red, as it is the element that constitutes hemoglobin, the red pigment of the blood. On the other hand, a lack of it gives the blood a tinge of bluish-red. This condition in the skin is medically termed cyanosis and is not a disease or contagious in some way, except of course, that it could be a symptom of a disease or could be contagious if it turns to be bronchitis and the like.

Cyanosis, in other words, is the discoloration of the skin in the fingers, toes, lips or tongue, caused by the impeded flow of oxygen into the bloodstream. Most of the time, it is caused by cold temperatures, pulmonary hypertension, congenital heart disease, abnormal hemoglobin levels, shock, aspiration with suffocation, Hyaline membrane disease for premature infants, breath-holding, epiglottitis, congestive heart failure, severe pneumonia, drug doses, bronchiolitis among a host of things. Cyanosis, as said earlier, is not a disease nut a symptom of one. Experts attribute the bluishness, briefly explained above, to high amounts of deoxygenated hemoglobin in the blood. Please note that it is not a sensitive indicator of arterial oxygenation. Rather, various other factors other than oxygen-deprived blood flow may influence the presence of cyanosis. Sometimes, it could be the cause of methemoglobin or abnormal hemoglobin, in non-technical terms. Oftentimes, the use of nitrites brings this abnormality.

Treatment of Cyanosis : Oxygenation for Cyanosis

The treatment of cyanosis solely depends on its cause. Remember that in the treatment of any kind of illness, it is always more proper to know and trace the causes rather than immediately applying unnecessary medication. If high altitude, cold temperatures, or hypothermia are the causes of it, warming the body with blankets and warm drinks could ease the cyanosis. For suffocation, a push in the stomach may be needed to push out the cause of the suffocation and oxygen to restore the breathing. In cases of heart defects, an operation would be needed in the grounds that it is recommended by a trusted physician. Chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy may be needed for more complicated cases like lung cancers and pulmonary infections. In all of these procedures, consulting the proper expert for the kind of disease one is battling would be a very beneficial reminder.