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Common Warts

There are quite a lot of people who develop warts on their skins.  You might have seen these abnormal skin growths already and thought of them as just huge moles. These are really common warts that are characterized as growths of the skin that are noncancerous.  They are caused by a virus known as the human papillomavirus or the HPV.  The virus could instigate the cells on the skin's outermost layer to grow faster than the normal rate, thereby forming the warts.

These warts are seen as small bumps that are grainy and fleshy.  They usually are in pink, flesh, white or tan in color and once you ouch them, you will notice that they are rough.  They could either appear one by one or in groups.  These warts have one or more tiny dots that are black in color and are oftentimes termed as wart seeds.  They are actually small, blood vessels that have clotted up.

Common warts are usually seen on fingers, hands or on the areas near the fingernails.  These warts are caused by one or some types of the more than 60 types of HPV.  There are also other types of HPV though that cause these abnormal skin growths to appear in other parts of the body like on the face, the genitals, the legs and on the feet's soles.  

You have to be aware that warts are really different from moles and that they are not cancerous.  They could do you no harm and will in fact vanish on their own, even without treatment.  But many people are embarrassed by the warts that appear on their skin especially if they are on areas that are more noticeable like on the face so, they turn to dermatologists or skin doctors to have these warts treated through the application of certain medications through home treatment or through professional wart removal.  You can use salicylic acid and a simple duct tape to remove these warts on your own.

Having these warts treated could prevent them from infecting other parts of the body or other people, especially those who are always in close contact with you.   You can get the virus that often causes these warts through touching any item that has been used by a person who already has warts.  Common warts though are not as contagious as other types of warts, especially those that are on the genitals.  It is to be expected though that these warts appear time and time again, even after treatment.  Often affecting children and young adults, these warts are generally painless.   But, you should see a doctor though if you experience some pain on your warts or if they are growing in numbers quite faster than is normal.