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Many women unfortunately are plagued by cellulite. Cellulite is the areas of skin that appear to dimple on the hips, thighs and buttocks. Cellulite is not considered to be a serious medical condition but many women feel very self-conscious when their cellulite shows. This may cause a woman to avoid wearing a swimsuit or shorts during the summertime.

There are a variety of cellulite treatments that claim to aid a woman in ridding herself from the appearance of unwanted cellulite. A cellulite treatment is the use of massage. Massage can help cellulite to vanish because this stimulates the blood vessels and skin tissue. When cellulite occurs this is because there is a blockage in the skin tissue. By massaging the skin tissue this blockage can be removed by the improved flow of blood.

Another cellulite treatment is the use of a cellulite cream or a cellulite lotion. The downside to a cellulite treatment is that often times the treatment does not live up to it’s advertised promised.

The symptoms of cellulite are skin areas that appear to be like cottage cheese or orange peel in texture. In some cases of mild cellulite the skin only appears to be pinched. In more severe cases the skin that is affected by cellulite is bumpy with different layers that appear to be valleys and peaks.

Cellulite is caused by a number of factors. Cellulite is often caused from poor blood circulation. This blood circulation can be halted due to inactivity, a poor diet or other environmental factors. Pollution has been known to cause the appearance of cellulite. Smoking can also cause cellulite to appear at a younger age. Cellulite is also considered to be a factor in an individual’s genetic makeup. Several of these factors can combine and form different pouches of cellulite.

A woman usually believes that cellulite is a reflection of old age but in all actuality cellulite can appear in a young girl who is still in her teen years. This is usually due to inactivity and being overweight.

Cellulite lotions promise to reduce the signs and symptoms of cellulite. Some people have found that cellulite lotion works and others believe that this is a product that is a waste of money. If you are plagued by unsightly cellulite using a cellulite lotion is worth a try. By using a cellulite lotion in combination with a healthy diet and exercise a woman will begin to notice that her cellulite is slowly disappearing. This will cause any woman to smile.