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Dry Skin Cause

What causes dry skin?

Healthy skin is coated with a thin layer of natural fats known as lipids. These fatty substances help trap the body’s moisture and leave the skin soft. Xerosis or dry skin is usually caused due to environmental, external or internal factors, hereditary or an underlying ailment. The skin can go dry in patches that appear anywhere on the body, the most common areas being the arms, abdomen, hands, face, lower legs and back. Although it is not a serious problem itself, it is important to treat dry skin as it may lead to dermatitis or a skin infection if left untreated. The problem of dry skin can easily be solved by using easy and effective skin care methods, but it is always a good idea to identify the causes and address them directly. The following are some of the causes of dry skin:

•    Excess water: Prolonged exposure to water is also a dry skin cause. Hot water in particular has a tendency to wash off the natural oils that protect your skin. Therefore avoid taking a long bath too often.

•    Wrong soap: One of the most common causes of dry skin is the use of the wrong type of soap for your body. A very harsh soap will easily strip away the skin’s protective oils, leaving your skin dry and coarse in the long run.

•    Environment: Weather conditions are an important factor in the development of dry skin. The dry conditions that tend to prevail in winter almost always cause dry skin. In addition, air conditioning and central heating both tend to dry the air, which in turn dries your skin.

•    Internal factors: Although external factors like the weather, the use of the wrong type of soap or cosmetics and clothing can identified as dry skin causes, the problem can also be internal, like a disease or old age. Even a change in hormones is a dry skin cause and is most commonly seen in older women.

•    Improper use of moisturizers: Although not exactly a cause of dry skin, improper application of moisturizer will make it seem like no matter what you do, your skin stays dry. The first step for dry skin care is to pick a moisturizer that is meant for dry skin, preferably one without a perfume. When applying the moisturizer make sure your skin is slightly damp (all you have to do is pat dry your skin with a towel, apply the moisturizer, and then wipe off the excess moisturizer from your skin using the towel once again). This ensures that the moisture is retained in your skin for a longer period.

•    Malnutrition: The lack of nutrients is also one of the causes of dry skin, as the body is unable to fulfill its basic nutritional requirements and this starts to affect the body and its maintenance. Vitamins E and A are particularly important for healthy skin. If you cannot identify exactly what deficiencies may be causes of dry skin then it is advisable to consult you doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.