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Baby Skin Rash

Everyone knows how soft a baby’s skin is and any sign of rash can have a concerned parent running for the medical book. However skin rashes are very common in babies and the majority of them are harmless. Some skin rashes are due to the baby having lots of folds in their skin which get warm and as a result a rash forms. This is nothing to worry about and as a baby’s neck gets longer these rashes will disappear. If the rash becomes very sore however the best thing to do is avoid perfumed soaps and let the area be exposed to the air as much as possible. Sometimes no matter how clean you try to keep a baby’s neck a fungus called Candida can form, if this happens your doctor can provide a cream to clear up the problem.

Babies also have what is called a ‘stork bites’ which are small red patches on the back of the neck, this is perfectly natural and nothing to be worried about. It is thought that babies get these stork bites due to a collection of blood vessels in the neck. The marks usually fade over time and are not to be a cause for concern. Some babies suffer from prickly heat which is a rash brought on by heat irritation. Some babies suffer from this more than others and although the rash can look alarming the best thing to do is dress your baby in loose clothes and keep him or her cool and comfortable. It is also advisable to keep the nappy area and armpits cool and clean as the rash can be worse in here.

There are certain times however when a baby skin rash is not something as innocent and you must take action. If your baby has a rash accompanied by a fever it is time to call the pediatrician and get your baby checked out. Similarly if the rash turns into pus-filled blisters seek medical attention straight away as this could be a sign of infection which must be treated as soon as possible. Treatment for this type of skin rash is usually antibiotics which will clear it up in a short space of time. Also if your baby appears to be out of sorts and is not responding as usual you must act quickly. As a mother you know your baby the best and if there is anything out of the ordinary that you are not happy about then a trip to the pediatrician is in order. It is better to over react to a harmless rash than not do anything for fear of being told that you are being too cautious.