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Baby Acne

When your baby is born, you may notice pimples growing on his cheeks or chin. These can be baby acne, which appears on the baby's skin right after his birth. On the other hand, it may also appear weeks after he is born. It might grow on his back, his chin, cheeks, and forehead.

But when the bumps are really small, which appeared on his face during his birth, this might be milia. This is not associated with baby acne, and typically goes away in weeks. Among the other skin problems, which some babies go through during the first weeks of their birth, are eczema and milia. Eczema is a skin irritation which appears like skin rashes or scales. It usually grows on any part of the infant's body.

Infant acne looks like tiny whiteheads, with a reddish color around the surrounding areas. The bumps may tend to get more pronounced, especially when your infant feels hot. This also goes when your baby is suffering from skin irritation due to milk, saliva or rough fabric. In this case, you have to be watchful over your baby whenever he is drinking his milk, or when you are changing his clothes.

A lot of moms have wondered about the cause of baby acne. However, like adolescent acne, there is still no precise and clear explanation yet. On the other hand, some experts have come up with theories. They have theorized that the hormones, which the infants have gotten from their moms during the last stage of pregnancy, cause this. It might also have been caused by the medications you have been taking while you are still breastfeeding your infant. Or else, it might have been the result of some medications that your baby is taking. These medications might have triggered the growth of baby acne. Researchers have continued to look through into this problem, studying other factors.

Infant acne typically fades away in just a few weeks. On some babies, it stays for months. If ever it does not fade away in 3 months, you can consult with your infant's pediatrician. But for the meantime, do not do anything about it. There is no medication for infant acne. You should not attempt to apply cream or oil on the skin of your baby, since this can only worsen the irritation. You should not let your baby take in over-the-counter medicines also. Furthermore, do not scrub or wash the irritation too much. When you are cleansing his face, use mild baby bath soap with water. Do this once each day, and use a soft cloth to pat him dry.