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Age Spots

Age spots, known also as liver spots, are composed by a group of pigments which are gathered due to a lengthen exposure towards the sun. In addition, bruising can also be part of the process which renounces blood pigments away from the source. Age spots are actually common to individuals who are over 55 years old. These age spots or liver spots frequently appear in our sun-exposed body parts, they could develop in certain areas like the face, feet, and arms and behind the neck. People who often spend time in the beach should take necessary sun blocking lotion, at least, to reduce the amount of developing age spots since activities like tanning, beach volleyball, swimming under the sunrays, etc. These types of activities may cause the development of age spots.

The Age Spots Development

If you have experienced a long period time exposing yourself to the sun that leads to sunburns, then the painful sensation that you have is just a step pointing to the direction of developing age spots. You may not have age spots or liver spots today but when you get older, these spots will show somewhere in your body.

Removing and Curing of Age Spots

There are certain curing or treatments and methods on how to erase age spots such as bleaching, Retin-A, Kojic acid and others. These kinds of methods may somehow remove your age spots but there are also disadvantages when these types of age spots removing methods are used. This may results to an external damage on the skin and commonly, they leave behind white spots and sometimes blemishes that might lead to a skin flaw.

These age spots removing methods can actually fulfill their duties by removing the age spots that are being spotted in our bodies. The common aftereffects are the lightening of the discolored spot of the skin and that will eventually vanish after continued use or rather after the operation.

One of the best age spots or liver spots removing method could be the use of modern technology. The known capability of lasers to effectively remove these age spots is through an accurate positioning of the beams that will highlight the effective areas and carefully pick the pigments. This should be a relief in your part since the beam will only take out the age spots or the liver spots avoiding thorough damage on your skin. After the operation, a needed recuperation in a mid-average period of time is required for the necessary healing process.