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Jock Itch

The stereotypical name that this fungal infection was baptized with has kept the world long unaware. Identified as red rings or rashes in the body’s moist areas, this infection is what we fondly call jock itch. This has been heralded as such because athletes, or jocks for this matter, are more susceptible to this infection.

Jock itch is caused by dermatophytes. Actually, these dermatophytes thrive in the skin, for the skin is in fact their natural flora. They are duly regulated by the antifungal oils that are regulated in the skin. However, when moisture comes into play these oils are washed away, thus these dermatophytes employ their adverse effects to the skin. The body part most commonly affected by jock itch is the groin area, where moisture and warmth are kept constant.

Again, jock itch is easily recognizable by the red ring they leave behind. You can confirm that you truly have this jock itch if you incur itchiness in your groin area, anal area, or even your genitals. Another symptom that could pint to jock itch is burning sensations in these affected areas. Lastly, jock itch causes flaking, cracking, and peeling of skin in the areas which they affect.

The complications those are truly hazardous when concerning jock itch is actually minute or is in a very miniscule scale. It can only truly affect people with delinquencies in their immune system, more specifically those who have HIV/AIDS. But even if this is so, it should not be taken for granted. In curing jock itch, the first priority is to identify the affected area and treat it with topical antifungal creams. If it persists, consult a doctor and follow the steps that the doctor provides.

The primary jock itch cure is hygiene and consciousness. Athletes or anyone in general should keep their often moist areas, to a degree, dry. Also be warned that intensive contact can transmit jock itch. Even sharing of contaminated towels can pass jock itch on from one person to another. That is why medical consciousness and regular treatment of jock itch is greatly advised for athletes, because generally, they sweat more than normal people do. Also, obese people are more susceptible to this not-so-deadly fungal infection.

Danger lurks in the world we live in. With respect to jock itch, they lie even in our own skin. The safest and the best thing to do right now are to be conscious and stay alert. If you feel like there’s something wrong with your body or things are growing in places where it shouldn’t then consult a doctor. Always remember that early treatment is best for your health.