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Herpes Symptoms

Herpes simplex is a viral disease that can be caused by either the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) or the herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV- 2), and mainly effects the mouth and genital areas. Herpes symptoms can be categorized based on the type of herpes and the area of the infection. Oral herpes causes the appearance of cold sores on the face and the mouth. The other type of herpes infects the genital area and also causes the appearance of sores. The ‘herpes viruses’ cycle in between the periods of active diseases and the duration lasts for about a period of 2- 22 days during which  the herpes blisters develop. There is then a remission period during which the sores disappear. After the initial infection the viruses start to move to the sensory nerves and remain there as a life long latent virus.

Herpes Signs

Herpes signs usually start a few days after the infection; the infection can take place through direct physical contact with an active sore or contact from the body fluid of a person who is infected. This transmission can happen most often between sexual partners or sometimes from close contact with a person who already has the herpes simplex virus. There is no evidence to show that it spreads form contact with inanimate objects used by the infected person. The virus travels by entering tiny breaks in the skin, the genital areas or mucous membranes on the mouth. Even a microscopic cut on the mucous membranes can allow for the entry of the virus.

STD Symptoms of Herpes

Once a person is infected the herpes virus starts to develop and the blisters start to appear. The blisters look like small unformed ulcers or round areas of broken skin. The blisters are generally 1-3 mm in size and tend to be grouped, eventually forming ulcers. Herpes is initially a relatively painless disease but the ulcers formed can very painful, especially if they burst and become open sores. When checking for signs of herpes examine the areas around the penis and the area outside the vagina for the appearance of the blisters.

There is no sure treatment for herpes and the infections are recurrent, but you can manage and reduce the blisters by using certain types of prescription medication. Therefore if you have any of the above mentioned herpes symptoms it is advisable to consult your doctor for further treatment and also for information on how to effectively treat the recurrent outbreak of the blisters.
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