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Cold Sore

It is a red blister. It appears after a day or two of a tingling feeling in the lip. It can be cold sore or sometime can be mistaken for the ordinary canker sores. Canker sores are ulcers in the soft tissues of the mouth. They are found in places where cold sores do not occur. It is not contagious. Cold sore is commonly referred to as fever blisters. The virus herpes simplex virus causes it. They are highly contagious, and sad to say there is no cold sore treatment. However, there are ways to prevent it, and if you have the infection already, there are ways to decrease frequency and duration of having cold sore.

Symptoms does not manifest immediately. It takes up to twenty days after having exposed to herpes before the signs and symptoms start. Symptoms could include a painful, hard spot coupled with a stinging feeling in the lip. The raised, hard spot turns to blister after a day or two. The blister lasts up to ten days. These blisters normally appear on the lips, but in some instances situated on the chin, in the nostrils, and on fingers, and very rarely, may also appear on the palate and the gums inside the mouth.

A yellow crust forms after the blister breaks. The crust forms due to the liquid oozing from the blister that hardens after some time. This will eventually slough off showing new pinkish skin. You find cold sore relief, when healed. Cold sores do not leave any scar at all.

In as much as there is no cold sore treatment, there are ways to avoid having them. Since it is contagious, try to prevent having direct contact with people with blisters, especially if the blisters are still secreting the yellow fluid. It is in this stage that the virus easily spreads. However, even if the skin heals, it can still be contagious to persons suffering from low immune system. Sharing personal items can likewise be instrumental in spreading the virus. Practice proper hygiene. Keep the hands clean and avoid touching sensitive parts of the body. Any discomfort felt in any part of the boy should be consulted with the doctor to be sure of cold sore relief.

Cold sore medicine is usually given to those with frequent encounter with the virus. It includes giving antiviral antibiotics, administered orally or intravenously.  Just make sure that any untoward reaction be reported to the doctor right away, to avoid complications. The cold sore medication is given to be relieved from pain and lessen the duration of the virus.