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Baby Yeast Infection

Some people think that yeast infection is only for adults especially women. But this kind of infection is also very common to babies. Baby yeast infection is always mistaken as baby rash. Baby yeast infection is a disease that forms when many bacteria are building up on the private part of the baby.
The most typical infection that babies have are diaper dermatitis or commonly known as diaper rush and oral thrush or mouth thrush. Babies can have these diseases all at once. You might be wondering on how you will know whether your baby already has yeast infection or not. There are some signs that you should be aware of.

The symptoms of having a diaper dermatitis or diaper rush are the following:

  • Rashes that are deep red with satellite abrasion. It looks shiny too.
  • The rashes are usually seen at the pleats of the thigh that are located on the area of the diaper.

The symptoms of having an oral thrush or mouth thrush are the following:

  • The gum, tongue and inside portion of the cheeks have covering that is grayish-whitish.
  • The covering that you will see is not easy to remove.
  • This kind of disease in babies is really painful.

When you are going to think about it, it is really astounding that babies do get these kinds of diseases just because of the thing that they really need which is the diaper. You might be wondering if it is really possible. Yes! It is possible. The main factor which is the yeast comes from the babies’ foods which will become stool eventually. Stools can anchorage yeast, through this, babies get infection.

The different sources of diaper dermatitis or diaper rush are the following:

  • Very wet and heavy diapers. When the diaper is already very wet and heavy because of urine and stool, the skin of the baby will get irritated.
  • Very fit plastic pants because the moisture will not evaporate.

The different sources of oral thrush or mouth thrush are the following:

  • If the nipple of the mother already has yeast infection.
  • If they have damaged skin.
  • If the baby has too much Candida albicans in their system.

Treating these kinds of infections is really easy. Change your baby’s diaper as often as possible if he or she needs it. You will also find some creams in different drug store that will treat the said infections. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. You don’t have to wait for your baby to have infections before taking actions. Here are some tips.

  • Change baby’s diaper as often as possible.
  • Make sure that your baby’s diaper area will always be cleaned if he or she is taking antibiotics or even the mother who is breastfeeding because he or she is more prone to yeast infection.
  • Let the bottom of your baby be air dried for a few minutes. Don’t let the diaper to be very tight so that the air can still pass through.