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Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Wrinkles

In spite of the fact that wrinkles announce the dawning of wisdom, almost all those who get it would not really welcome them. As an individual gets older the cells in the epidermis get flimsier and less viscous. The more fragile cells make the skin to appear perceptibly thinner. The reduced stickiness of the cells diminishes the potency of the skin's otherwise normal function of retaining moisture in the skin. When the skin cells get thinner, the moisture gets discharged rather than being kept in the skin.

Effects of Wrinkles & Alternative Cure For Wrinkle Prevention

The ensuing dryness that occurs due to the lack of moisture causes the skin cells to repair less effectively with every passing year. The skin cells in the epidermis reduce by 10 percent every decade and as these divide when the individual ages; the skin cells are unable to repair themselves less quickly.

The consequences of aging on the skin cells or the dermis also play a major role. With less production of skin cells, even the growth of collagen suffers and the decreased amount of collagen causes the skin fibers or elastin fibers that provide the stretch ability and resilience to the skin, also wear out.

Moreover a whole lot of changes can be seen as sebaceous glands begin to get larger and decrease production of sebum while the number of sweat glands also diminishes in number. In the layer located below the epidermis also known as the subcutaneous layer, the fat cells also get undersized with age. This further contributes as more detectable wrinkles are formed and the absence of larger fat cells causes the skin to sag. As the fat cells reduce they are unable to counter the impairment from the other layers.

Major causes of wrinkles are sunlight and the effects of radiation on the skin. Exposure to ultraviolet lights form he sun answers for more than 90 percent of the symptoms of skin ageing. Although skin ages throughout the body the changes are more obvious in areas where there has been maximum exposure to skin. These areas commonly include the face, the neck, the back parts of the palms, and the top of the forearms. Wrinkles are classified in two categories, thin lines that appear on the surface and thick burrows.

It is essential to wear sunscreen especially as a form of prevention from premature ageing as well as preventing skin related disorders. A sunscreen with a sun-protective factor (SPF) of at least 15 is one of the best ways to minimize skin damage from the sun.