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Wrinkle Cure and Antiaging Skin Care for Wrinkles

Wrinkle Treatment & Preventive Measures for Wrinkles

There are many preventive measures that can be used to tackle fine thin lines, which are likely to take place due to the passage of time. The prevention methods include:
  • Applying a good sunscreen that has a good sun-protective factor (SPF) preferably at least 15 or higher, every day that can go a long way in the prevention of wrinkles. Avoiding the sun as much as possible especially from 10 am to 4 pm when the sun's rays are its intense, leads to two important benefits: the individual will minimize its chances of developing wrinkled skin along with age, and the individual can also be guarded against skin cancer, which can also be fatal. Sunscreen must be applied and re-applied without being concerned about the complexion and type of skin the individual might have. Sunscreen must be a part of every individual's daily routine as the earlier everyone makes a habit of applying sunscreen the better it is for the skin. According to dermatologists people who invariably make a habit of protecting the skin by applying a generous application of sunscreen every day and avoiding the strong sunlight, are blessed with youthful-looking skin even well into their later years. However it is not too late to take on a healthy skin-care routine. One study observed that older people who had sun-damaged skin had moved to nursing premise and by staying away from the sun found that their wrinkles and blotchiness had faded away

  • Wearing sunglasses are a great boon in preventing crow's feet and also protect the sun's harmful rays from the eyes. Sunglasses block most of the sun's ultraviolet rays and can help defend the sensitive skin around the eyes, and where sunscreen cannot reach. Sunglasses should shelter the eyes from the glare and must also help the individual to prevent squinting, that may contribute to wrinkles around the eye

  • Try to sleep on the back as much as possible. Sleeping with the face compressed against the pillow is likely to cause sleep lines that, have the possibility of developing into wrinkles. Men tend to develop sleep creases on a particular side of the forehead that depends upon the side they sleep, while women may get them on the cheeks. Sleeping habits may be hard to break, but if the individual train himself or herself to sleep on the back, he or she may end up with lesser facial lines.