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Skin Rash Natural Treatment - Treat Skin Disorder

Skin rash treatment usually depends on the cause of the rash — and the causes of rashes are many. Allergies, infections, friction, and chemical irritation are among the more common causes of skin rashes, but there are other possible causes as well. A skin rash can sometimes be an unusual result of anxiety or of pregnancy, or it can be an autoimmune disorder. It is always important to identify the cause of the rash before attempting to treat it. If this is not done, not only is there a chance that the treatment will be useless, but there is a risk of the treatment worsening the rash.

Skin Rash Causes - Know What can Cause a Skin Rash

Allergies are among the most common skin rashes causes. The condition is usually known as hives or urticaria, and involves a red, inflamed, raised rash on the skin, and sometimes even internally, on areas such as the tongue and throat. For such an allergic rash, the best treatment is a cold compress. In addition of course, you should identify the specific substance that is causing the rash, and then avoid it. Stress related rashes are also a form of urticaria, and the stress is what needs to be eliminated. When treating the rash however, it is best to avoid all other treatments, as some run the risk of worsening the reaction. An ice pack is a safe skin rash treatment – it soothes the rash with almost no chance of worsening it, except in rare cases in which the allergy is to cold or to temperature changes.

Another skin rash cause is harsh chemicals, even natural substances  — for example, urushiol, the oily substance produced by plants such as poison ivy. These causes are usually easily identified, and can be treated accordingly. First the chemical needs to be removed from the skin — it is important here to know the nature of the chemical in question. With a substance such as urushiol, you can wash the affected areas with water, but some chemicals may react with water, causing more damage. After you have cleaned your skin, the best skin rash treatment for such a rash is once again an ice pack. Certain medications can also cause rashes, but if you suspect that this is the case, you should ask your doctor before changing or discontinuing your medication.

These skin rashes can usually be handled on your own, but most other skin rash causes are more serious, and often require medical diagnosis and treatment. Diagnosing and treating a rash is quite complex, and it is not advisable to do this yourself. You can try to apply a natural treatment such as aloe gel, but if this combined with basic hygiene does not work, you should visit a doctor for skin rash treatment.