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Skin Lesions Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

A skin lesion is an unnatural development or spot of skin that does not resemble the skin surrounding it. Skin lesions are separated into two classes: primary skin lesion and secondary skin lesions. Primary skin lesions are variants in visual attribute or tactile property that may exist at nascence. These lesions are seen in the form of moles or birthmarks. They are also likely to develop sometime in the future during the individual's lifespan. These may appear in the form also may appear in the form of common wart, pimple, or psoriasis, sometimes even in the form of allergic responses like itchy skin eruptions or suntan. Secondary skin lesions are developed due to further complications in primary skin lesions. These can take place as a further development of the lesions that are already present or aggravation through scratching or picking at the scabs.

The therapies used in order to treat the skin lesions are dependent upon the character of the lesions, and the individual's general health. If lesions have been caused due to the consequence of an allergy then staying away from the allergy trigger is one of the best therapies. Moreover, if the allergic reaction is obvious then it can also be treated with topical applications or antihistamines. Medicated lotions or ointments help in cleaning and protecting the inflamed skin as well as gets rid of dead cells and bacteria if present. For skin infections there are various kinds of antimicrobial, fungicidal drugs available to treat the infection. However, lesions that have an infection & run deep into the skin would need a surgical procedure to get rid of the infection. This could be done to remove the pus and dead cells. Home remedies include oat preparation soaks, baking soda combinations and lacto calamine medication to provide symptomatic relief.

Where surgical operations are concerned, the methods would involve either the methods of simply slicing away the growth with the help of local anesthesia or by freezing it also known as cryotherapy. Skin lesions that appear at birth such as birth moles, body freckles and birthmarks are not abnormal and do not really pose a health hazard unless they show signs of further abnormal growth. Otherwise they are perfectly normal and can be left alone unless they pose a cosmetic problem and would need to be removed through surgery. Lesions that take place due to the consequence of an allergy trigger usually subside after the trigger is taken away or the individual gets rid of the trigger causing it. Lesion healing because of transmissions or bacterial and fungal growth is dependent upon the kind of infection or condition and the individual's general wellness.