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Sebaceous Cysts - Benign Skin Heredity Disorder

Sebaceous cysts develop gradually and are mostly small little painless cysts or bumps that grow just underneath the skin. They usually affect the facial region, the neck, the torso, and also known to affect the genital area. Sebaceous cysts are also known as epidermoid cysts. Most cysts are not a cause of worry or concern and do not require intensive treatment. However, if they get ruptured and cause further complications and are prominent on the facial area then some people opt for surgery. Most sebaceous cysts are benign but in extremely rare cases they may give rise to cancerous skin tissue. However, sine these cases are few and far, most cysts do not require biopsies or further analysis.

These cysts are generally globular in shape and are usually yellow or white in color. Darker complexioned people usually have darker pigmented cysts. At times the cysts have an opening - usually the beginning of a remnant hair follicle. There are occasions when the cysts can get infected and at such times they may emit a thick yellow fluid and may give out a foul odor. Moreover, there is soreness, redness and a feeling of painful tenderness surrounding the cyst. There can be several reasons for the painful growth of the cysts. Hair follicle damage is one of them. Each hair grows from a follicle, which is a tiny packed area of skin in the dermis and lies just below the skin. If the follicle is damaged due to any form of trauma or injury then these wounds can be constructed by these surface cells. An injured or broken sebaceous gland can also be one of the causes for the growth of cysts.

Sebaceous Cysts Causes  - Heredity Responsible for Sebaceous Cysts

Sometimes heredity also plays a factor in the development of these cysts. If one parent is affected with Garner's syndrome it leads to cyst growth and other several defects. Whilst anybody can be affected, age is one of the important factors as people in the age group of 30-40 are more likely to get it.  Men have a higher incidence of epidermoid cysts and those who have had acne too are prone to be affected.

Sebaceous cysts are normally not harmful, but people prefer to have them surgically eradicated due to aesthetic reasons. However, immediate medical attention is required if the cyst bursts, there is an increased growth in the cyst or additional discomfort. In atypical situations, epidermoid cyst may cause certain types of skin cancer.