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Scabies – Causes of Scabies : Bacterial Infection

Scabies takes place when the itch causing mite known as Sarcoptes scabiei infects an individual. This eight legged mite causes extreme itching especially in skin folds where it tends to burrow and breed. The very presence of scabies is an indication that you will be scratching all night and day. The scabies mite is highly contagious and can spread rapidly amongst close knit communities, schools, nursing homes and areas where a large gathering of people move and work closely together. Medicated ointments and applications are known to kill the mites, but the itching is likely to persist for a number of weeks. The itching leaves behind scratched marks that resemble thin marks consisting of tiny blisters or upraised bumps on the affected part of the skin.

These irregular pencil-like appearances are visible on all the folds of the skin where the mites might be present. scabies is likely to affect in the armpits, between the webs of the fingers and toes, around the waist, sometimes it the inside of the wrists, on feet soles, between the breasts among women, inner elbow, male genitals, knees and shoulders etc. these mites are not visible to the human eye and is almost impossible to view them without a microscope. When the body starts to itch then it's a sign of bodily reaction to the development and growth of the mites and their eggs. Not just human's even animals are known to be affected by this mite. Dogs, cats alike suffer from this infection with distinct type of species that are known to affect the animals. Bathing and OTC medications do not usually solve this predicament and special medicated applications are required to rid this menace.

Treatment of Scabies – Know How to Kill Scabies

With forceful scratching it is likely that the skin may break open and lead to secondary type of infection that is a further complication of bacterial infection. Hence it is imperative to keep nails short and clean as possible and to refrain from itching the area vigorously or in an energetic manner. To prevent the spread of this infection all clothes and linen of the infected person must be washed separately and preferably in hot water. Hot dry heat should be used as a drying method for the cloths of the infected person. Lacto calamine is a good soothing agent. The topical application of the calamine lotion helps to relieve the irritation and pain associated with the infestation.