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Port Wine Stains : Symptoms and Treatment of Port Wine Stains

Port wine stains as the name suggests look like a spill of port wine, or stains due to the spilling of port wine. The blemish on the skin due to port wine stains appears to be angry purple or red in color. This birthmark or nevus flammeus comprises malformed enlarged blood vessels beneath the skin. Birth marks of the port wine nature can occur to anybody and is usually seen right at birth. It does not indicate any other form of deformity or abnormality within the individual. Usually doctors let the child or infant undergo further tests to rule out other symptoms associated with port wine stains. Tests could be in the form of neurological testing, CT scans or MRI scanning.

These dark patches are flat spots on the skin and are usually seen on the face or on the extremities. However care has to be taken if the port wine is located near the eye as that could lead to glaucoma in the near future. Sometimes port wine stain on the head could also indicate some sort of abnormal signal in the brain leading to Sturge-Weber syndrome. However those reported cases are rare and only if the stains is extremely widespread and prominent right on the head. Other symptoms connected to the port wine stains may not be prevalent unless these are obvious. The syndrome is neither contagious nor infectious. Although it may fade over a period of time, or sometimes become even darker, in almost all cases it remains permanent for life unless treated.


Port Wine Stains Medication : Port Wine Laser Treatment

Depending on where the stain is located conventional treatment could include cosmetic or social changes. In most scenarios the treatment may not be necessary if the stain setting is not very conspicuous. Off late laser treatment is used to treat port wine stains. Some innovative methods include tattoos on the stains, make-up and sometimes skin grafts on the affected areas. Modern laser have been extremely effective in getting rid of these scars. Till a while back old laser treatments would still give out some form of scarring post laser treatment, but with the herald of modern technology, patients no longer have to be worried about the consequences of scars with modern laser treatment. There is considerable research being conducted on developing types of skin camouflage for the stained areas. Researchers in Britain are experimenting with types of skin dyes that can cover the stain and bring about a skin color appearance.