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Nummular Dermatitis - Nummular Eczema Skin Disease Information

Nummular eczema also known as nummular dermatitis is a term given to an obstinate, itchy rash that casts coin-shaped splotches on the skin of the affected person. In Latin the word nummular means coin. As the sores get older they might appear to clear out in the center or become scalier and then start to appear as ring worm infection or even psoriasis. The skin condition is given to be chronic, with bouts when it improves or worsens.

Nummular Dermatitis - Causes & Symptoms for Nummular Dermatitis

The cause of nummular eczema is unknown. Sometimes it may turn out to be an allergy due to some medications, and when the doctor physically examines the patient, it is mentioned in the evaluation. Nummular eczema is quite common during the winter and is often related to dry skin. Woolen clothes, harsh soaps and bathing more than twice a day is likely worsen the condition. People with nummular eczema have skin that is often dry and is easily irritated by cleansers, surface-active agents, and even rough clothing. Clothes that have been washed or dried with fabric softeners are also likely to be skin irritants. Changing weather such as hot and cold weather often exacerbates nummular eczema. However even though certain allergies would worsen the eczema, it is not likely that they cause nummular eczema.

Even though there are a number of effective ways to control this form of eczema, unfortunately, there is no cure for nummular eczema. For extreme cases of nummular eczema strong prescription cortisone medications are applied to the skin and are usually the best treatment options for curbing nummular eczema. When the application is used for an extensive period of time, or over large affected parts of the body, periodic examinations of the skin are necessary. Doctors do not prescribe the strong cortisone medications to be applied on the face, the armpits, the groin, or the rectal region.

It is necessary to keep the skin well lubricated at all times. Petroleum jelly after a bath is a good solution and quite helpful for the dry skin even though it may be quite greasy. When laundering clothes, fabric softener must not be used and if possible the clothes must be washed in dye free, and fragrance free cleansing agents. Even though it is difficult to make lifestyle changes, with much effort it is possible that a daily routine coupled with effective medication and prescription applications can help to control the uncomfortable symptoms of nummular eczema.