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Causes and Treatment for liver spots

Liver spots are also commonly known as age spots and the medical term for it, is solar lentigines. These spots or patches as they appear are flattish and darker than the normal skin color usually grayish black or brown. These spots or patches deviate in size and are seen appearing on all the areas that are exposed to the sun. Liver spots are commonly viewed in adults who have spent a long time outdoors without proper equipment against the harsh sun rays.

Mostly these spots take a lot of time to develop over the years, however more and younger people too are developing this skin condition. Liver spots are only harmless appearance; they do not indicate any serious development nor are they a precursor to anything that is malignant, as dangerous or discomforting as these posts appear to be.
Once these spots appear they can only be lightened with the help of cosmetic applications to cover the dark colors, however the best way to prevent them is to start sun protection habits early in life. Most people who find these spots disconcerting often go in for a number of cosmetic therapies that have evolved over the years.

Most notable among them are the different types of laser techniques to get rid of these marks and medications. Liver spots cause when ultraviolet radiation from the sunlight causes the skin cells to produce more than required melanin.

The production of excess melanin is the body's defense mechanism of shielding the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. However when the excess amounts of melanin get bunched up in one place instead of evenly spreading out, then age spots or liver spots are formed. Moreover since the skin cannot handle the production of melanin higher than is necessary the only way it is released is through the development of the spots.

Apart from the harmful effects of the sun on the skin, genetics also plays a small role in how predisposed one's body is, in the production of melanin and thus gradual rise of age spots. But under any circumstance it is best to get medical supervision as the harmful effects of the sun's rays can cause a host of problems and any spots or lesions on the skin must always be verified by a specialist to rule out any possibilities of a serious skin disorder.

Changing spots or darker patches with altered appearances are always a cause for concern among medical specialists owing to the heightened risk of melanoma among people who are extremely sensitive to sunlight.