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Information on Leprosy - Leprosy Medical Treatment

Leprosy is characterized by a long suffering condition affecting the skin and nerves caused by a flesh eating bacteria. Leprosy is one of the oldest diseases recorded since biblical days and all those afflicted have also suffered impairment and disfigurement of the facial organs, throat and genitals. Since the beginning of man, leprosy has been highly dreaded due to the misconception of the disease being highly contagious as known to be a curse from the gods. Hansen's disease, Hanseniasis, HD are the different names given to Leprosy. The bacteria that is the reason for this skin ailment is Mycobacterium leprae. Since ancient times this leprosy has been seen in sub-tropical parts of the world. Only in recent times has this disease finally seen a cure thanks to the invention of multi-drug therapy treatment.

One of the main signs of leprosy is skin lesions spread out across the body. And most importantly it is always coupled with serious implication on the superficial nervous system of the body.  it however does not affect the main nervous or central nervous system. But sensory, motor, visual, autonomic nerves are seriously damaged. The important part of the disease is the loss of pain or contact. The area affected is rendered numb by this disease. When the above mentioned categories of nerves are damaged, administered pain is not registered. There is complete loss of sensation and thus the body parts are vulnerable to hurts and wounds that can result in their loss. When the eye nerves are affected blindness may occur. Due to damage to the motor nerves, paralysis may also occur. In some cases, patients are unable to close their eyelids as that function is rendered useless due to the damaged nerves in the area. Moreover the hair also starts to fall off and skin becomes dry, scaly, and cracked and various forms of infection that are secondary in nature may occur.

Information on Leprosy - Leprosy Medical Treatment

Although the disease is transmitted from person to person in the form of contact it is not classified as highly infectious. It takes anywhere from nine months to 20 years for the disease to begin manifestation. As recent forms of drug therapy have evolved, it has been observed that as the patient begins medication, the patient stops becoming infectious. Recent anti-bacterial drugs have now helped the disease to become curable.

However there are no home methods or remedies to cure this disease. It requires utmost medical care and anti-bacterial medication that have been developed by scientists to cure and control leprosy.