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Itchy Scalp

An itchy scalp can be caused due to a variety of reasons like seborrheic dermatitis or psorasis. These conditions are sometimes accompanied by yeast and cause the skin on the scalp to grow a lot more rapidly. This sudden extra growth of skin encourages the growth of the certain bacteria and hence causes the itching. Other causes of an itchy scalp include cold temperatures, low levels of humidity, and an allergic reaction of the scalp to harsh chemicals. An itchy scalp can also be due to due build up from styling products that clog the hair follicles and inhibit the natural exfoliation process. An itchy scalp treatment often involves simple measures that are mentioned below, but if your symptoms still persist consult your doctor.

Itchy Scalp Treatment

•    Avoid soap: An itchy flaky scalp can be caused by using soap to wash your hair. Soap should not be used on your hair as it contains harsh chemicals and also strips the scalp of essential oils, thus causing the itching.

•    Shampoo:  Itchy scalp treatment requires the use of a shampoo that matches your hair type. Make sure the shampoo has a Ph balance between 4.5 and 5.5 .A ph balanced shampoo will keep your scalp from flaking and drying (one of the common causes of an itchy scalp).
•    Antihistamines: Antihistamines can also be used to treat an itchy scalp.  Allergy medication (antihistamines) contains ingredients that can provide temporary relief from the itching and scratching. However ensure you consult but consult your doctor before doing so.

•    Over the counter medication: There are also over the counter medications that are made to specifically treat the symptoms of an itchy scalp. Apply the medication before going to sleep and cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic wrap. In the morning, rinse your hair with an antidandruff shampoo.
•    Olive oil: Olive oil is another itchy scalp treatment that can help bring relief. All you have to do is take some warm olive oil and massage it into your scalp. Leave it on for about ten minutes and then shampoo your hair.
•    Clarifying shampoo:  Using hairspray tends to block hair follicles and causes build up in your hair. As a result the sebum (oil) gets trapped with the build up and aggravates the dryness in the scalp causing it to itch. A dry itchy scalp treatment that can solve this problem is the use of a clarifying shampoo. The deep cleansing action of the shampoo helps to clear out the product build-up, loosens the dead skin cells on the scalp and relives your itchy scalp symptoms.