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Herpes Cure

Cure for Herpes

There is no cure for herpes, but some drugs and therapies have been found to be quite effective. These treatments do not cure herpes, but significantly reduce the duration and frequency of outbreaks. Researchers are however working on a vaccine, which will help prevent infection among new patients. If successful this will be a breakthrough but it will again be a preventive treatment and not a herpes cure for those already afflicted with the disease. Herpes is a very contagious disease that is almost always sexually transmitted. Herpes is caused by a viral infection, with the mouth or genital tract being infected with the simplex 1 or HSV1 and the simplex 2 or HSV2.

Treatment of the disease is limited to controlling the severity of outbreaks, but a permanent cure remains evasive. Conventional treatment generally includes oral prescription antiviral medications that need to be taken regularly. It is imperative that you follow your doctor’s advice carefully for this course of treatment to be effective. When followed properly it helps to speed up the healing of sores and can also reduce herpes outbreaks. Acyclovir is one such medication that is commonly prescribed for herpes patients. Drugs containing this and related compounds not only provide relief and reduce the pain, but also facilitate and speed the healing process. Apart from antiviral medications some other commonly prescribed treatments include fusion inhibitors and helicase-primase inhibitors.

There are two approaches that are being researched for herpes cure:

•    Antiviral therapy: The aim here is the development of drugs that can distinguish between cells that harbor the virus from other healthy cells. The drug must destroy the herpes virus inside the cell, without causing damage to healthy cells, and without leaving behind any fragments.
•    Immunotherapy: Immunotherapy is quite a promising approach and researchers seek to develop agents that can help combat viral infections naturally by providing stimulation to the body’s immune response system.

In addition to these conventional approaches there are a number of alternative therapies that involve simple lifestyle changes and home remedies. Although there is no herpes natural cure that can heal herpes there are a number of remedies that can help provide relief from the symptoms of herpes. Make it a point to always keep the sores clean and dry, and avoid touching them. Dietary supplements with lysine, an amino acid, have also been found to be effective against herpes as they inhibit the replication of the virus. Lentils are rich in this nutrient and should be a part of your diet. Although we have not yet found any herpes cures, significant advances have been made in the treatment of the condition.