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Hand Dermatitis - Treatment for Hand Eczema

Hand eczema, which is also known as hand dermatitis, is a type of skin eczema or skin condition by which the hands start to develop a rash and form inflamed dry, cracked, and red patches. Even though the appearance of hand eczema is ungainly the skin condition is not contagious. Hand eczema can gradually give rise to pain on slight contact with even simple substances such as water. Hand eczema or hand dermatitis is often a result of a combination of causes, including genetic constitutions which are referred to as constitutional elements, wounds and injuries through contact with certain irritants and allergy. Hand eczema or hand dermatitis, is often caused or exacerbates at workplaces is known as occupational dermatitis. Hand eczema or hand dermatitis, is especially common in places that involve industrial cleaning, food catering, metal industries, hair salons and parlors, healthcare and mechanical tasks.

Dermatitis Hand Eczema Cure - Treat Eczema Skin Allergies

Hand dermatitis may vary in intensity. The condition is likely to affect the backs of the hands, the palms or both sides of the hands. In the initial stages it starts off as a mild yet sporadic bother, but it eventually grows to become increasingly intense and persistent. The affected patches of initially become red and scaly, and further advances to itchy papules or bumps and fluid-type blisters or vesicles, scaly and cracked like fissures, weeping or exudation and swelling or edema. Secondary infection due to bacterial agents can result in pustules, crusty appearance and severe pain. Hand eczema or hand dermatitis that has been a long standing issue at the ends of the fingers may lead to deformed nails. Hand eczema or hand dermatitis is also likely to spread and affect other areas such as the forearms and feet.

Under careful supervision and management from the doctor as well as the patient, the hand dermatitis usually recuperates completely. It is possible that the affected individual might have to get some days off from work in order to recover. Patients with hand eczema or hand dermatitis are requested to keep off from wet work areas and as far as possible avoid irritants. In order to stay away from water and solutions, the affected hands must be protected with the help of vinyl gloves rather than rubber for short periods of time, to further prevent sweating. Emollients and moisturizers must be used frequently as possible on the affected hands and feet. Doctors sometimes prescribe topical steroids to cut down skin inflammation.