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Causes and Treatment for Freckles

Freckles are a common occurrence in young children especially among those who tend to play actively outdoors in the sunlight. This is a normal skin condition and is not an indicator of anything serious. The flat, roundish patches that normally appear as freckles are usually the size of a pinhead and are slightly reddish or brownish in color.

Children as well as adults develop this skin condition and is usually observed in fair skin complexioned or Caucasian races. These patches build up arbitrarily on the skin, particularly through recurrent vulnerability to sunshine. The freckles may alter in tinge ranging from reddish, yellowish, light-brown, etc. which is usually a shade darker than the normal skin color.

There are two standard types of freckles known as ephelides and lentigines. Ephelides stands for flat patches which appear as red or light-brown and basically are visible during summer of the hot months and tend to vanish away during the colder months. Apart from sunlight causing this condition, ephelides are also likely to form because of a genetic attribute. The frequent utilization of sunscreen when outdoors and through sunny weather aids to subdue the countenance of ephelides.

Lentigines on the other hand are rather permanent. These do not face away during winter and are likely to stay on for a very long period of time, sometimes for life. However it remains an uncomplicated and isolated skin condition and its presence does not denote any grave condition. Lentigines are mostly brown, tan or black spots that tend to be more darkish than the ephelides. This type of patch is known as lentigo simplex. Lentigines are a rare form of genetic syndrome.

When lentigines are seen in forming in adults they are erringly referred to as liver spots or age spots. However both these terms are incorrect. As freckles do have a tendency or disposition to develop over time, they are not a mark that old age has set in for the individual.

On the contrary, they form on exposed regions in those who have a hereditary tendency to appear. Hence they have nothing to do with age. However individuals having any form of pigmentation for which there is no logical explanation must get an evaluation done by a dermatologist, simply to clear all doubts.

Self diagnosis must be reserved for conditions that commonly occur hence the best form of precaution for freckles that must be exercised at all times is through the regular use of sunscreen and skin care routine.