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Severe Eczema and Effects of Eczema on Skin

In eczema, most of problems take place in the outmost layer of the skin known as epidermis where the keratinocytes get less tightly held together. Due to keratinocytes decreased ability, they turn vulnerable to extraneous factors such as soap, sometimes water and more hostile solvents like dish-washing liquid, or solvents that are part of daily activities or hobbies. The allergens or solvents disband some of the necessary grease and protein that is a major contributory factor to the natural barrier of the skin. Once this process takes place, the skin might get inflamed as a reaction to limited irritation such as picking or scratching. The scratching and friction causes the eczema to worsen and a never ending cycle of itching, inflammation and further deterioration of eczema becomes demonstrated.

Eczema Allergies & Treatment of Skin Eczema

As part of the vicious cycle, the tender skin starts to get less and less effective as a barrier. It becomes less effective in preventing damage from solvents and other abrasive materials that act from the outside, and it is also more probable that body moisture maybe lost from within. In a small area affected with eczema, the loss of body moisture may mean a few vesicles also known as small tiny bubbles in the skin that burst and leak water. In due course of time, as the eczema starts to worsen, the fluid may erupt from the dermis and also other bodily fluids such as blood from broken capillaries. When severe eczema takes place on a large part of the body surface, it is likely that substantial amounts of body fluid might be lost, including blood and protein from the skin.

The studies looked into the emotional development of eczema on children between 5 yrs to 16 yrs of age. Medical researchers with the study group conversed with the children, their parents and guardians. The study revealed that besides having to deal with the discomfort and pain of eczema, children face social trauma caused due to the unsightly skin condition and often get teased by their peer group.

If an individual suffers from eczema, it is important that he or she keeps an eye on how the skin condition develops over a period of time. In doing so, the individual will be able to gauge the severity of the condition through its flare ups and recurrence. Sometimes individuals with eczema, who are prone to allergic reactions amongst other things, can make the eczema worse. Hence it is important to keep a close tab on the co-relation of allergic reactions and eczema.