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Eczema Treatment - Natural & Herbal Eczema Remedies

The goals of treating eczema are to prevent the symptoms of itching, inflammation, and subsequent worsening of the skin condition. Treatment of eczema is likely to involve changes in lifestyle as well as use of medications for eczema. Treatment for eczema is always established by the individual's age, general health status, and the type or form of eczema including the severity of the condition.

Prevention of Eczema with Eczema Herbal Remedies

As a self care measure the skin must be kept well hydrated throughout the day with the help of application such as creams or ointments that have low water and high fat content as well as trying to avoid over-bathing as major steps in controlling eczema. Lifestyle alternations in order to avoid the triggers or causal factors for the condition are also highly recommended. Doctors prescribe topical corticosteroid applications creams that are needed to decrease the inflammatory reactions in the skin. Depending upon the severity of the condition the corticosteroids prescribed can be mild, medium, or high. However if the itching sensation is severe, oral antihistamines are recommended. Sometimes doctors prescribe a short course of oral corticosteroids to curb an acute eruption of eczema, although the long-term use of such oral corticosteroids is discouraged due to its unpleasant and possible side effects that are harmful in the long run.

Ultraviolet light therapy also known as phototherapy is another alternative option that dermatologists may recommend for some patients with eczema. In phototherapy only patients with chronic eczema are advised to undergo this therapy. Here the patient is exposed to approximately 30 sittings of ultraviolet radiation. Expert supervision by the practicing dermatologist is imperative as the risks of this treatment is similar to that of sunbathing which is accelerated skin ageing and an increased danger of skin cancer.

Natural options or products that are made from pure essential oils distilled from plants are also used by naturopaths or herbalists in the topical application of eczema that relieves the eczema symptoms and helps to repair the skin. Evening Primrose Oil is also used as a solution for eczema. The oil can either be had in a capsule form or applied externally. Evening Primrose Oil is known to contain gamma linolenic acid which is believed to be lacking in some of the patients with eczema. According to some research, Evening Primrose Oil works by enhancing the levels of the essential fatty acid that patients might be deficient in, and the lack of this fatty acid is also perhaps responsible for the atopic eczema.