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Eczema: Control Measures and Prevention for Eczema

Although there are numerous medical treatments available for eczema, the most beneficial defense against the skin conditions is prevention. Reducing the skin contact from triggers and from known or suspected causes of itching can help keep the skin conditions under control. Exercising a daily regimen of skin care also helps to cut down symptoms of eczema. Sometimes a good long soak in a hot steaming hot bath sounds like a great way to relax or unwind, but regrettably it is also one of the main causes of itching if the patient is afflicted with eczema. Bathing is hot water is dehydrating for the skin. Natural oils present on the skin's surface moisturize the skin and these are lost when the individual bathes often. A vigorous rub with a towel after a bath also is harmful as it further reduces the skin's levels of natural moisturizers. Lukewarm water is best for the skin. After a bath with lukewarm water the skin must be softly patted with a towel and a gentle cream or emollient must be applied to the skin to trap the moisture in the skin.

What Causes Eczema? Symptoms of Eczema and Eczema Treatments

Avoiding and controlling allergens can also reduce the individual's chances of triggering skin disorders. Since some allergens are known to trigger eczema, staying away from triggers such as pet dander, dust, pollen, fragrances, harsh soaps, and some types of rubber are helpful in controlling the skin disorder. The best schemes to reduce the contact with dust mites are through washing of the clothes and bed linens and also vacuuming the carpets, if any, on a regular basis. Some people with eczema and allergic reactions to the triggers, substitute carpets with linoleum, wood flooring or other tiles as carpets are known to hold large numbers of dust mites.

Excessive sweating can also be attributed to, as a cause of eczema particularly of skin rashes near the joints, under the breasts in women, and other body areas where the skin folds are prominent. Obese people are more affected with eczema because of excessive sweating and numerous skin folds hence weight loss can help to reduce the symptoms of eczema.

Soap or detergent used to wash clothes has the tendency to leave behind residue on clothes that may aggravate eczema, if the clothes come in direct contact with the skin. Individuals with eczema must look out for bathing soap as well clothes detergent designed for sensitive skin. Some people opt for baking soda to wash clothes. Whatever maybe the preferences, it is very important that clothes must be thoroughly washed to remove any residue or film of soap behind on the clothes.