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Hookworms Causes and Treatment

Hookworms cause creeping eruption which is a skin infection worsened due to the pathogenic microorganisms and their multiplication leading to tissue damage and disease. Hookworms are normally found breeding on the feces of dogs and cats. The parasitic worm that is responsible for dispersing among humans primarily takes place through skin contact, especially at the feet. An infection of hookworms causes severe itching, as the parasites affect mainly the feet, legs, lower body parts, torso, or back. Creeping eruption is more common in countries that have warm climates for most part of the year. This type of skin infection mainly affects children than adults. As children are more likely to play out without the use of footwear, they are usually susceptible to contamination with the parasite.

The primary risk component for this infection is contact with moist, sandy soil polluted with tainted cat and dog feces. Hookworm eggs are found in the stools of infected dogs and cats. These eggs that hatch in the warm feces, and the larvae that come out of the eggs then inhabit the mud and growth around the fecal matter.

When humans contact the infected soil, the larvae dig deep into the skin, inducing an extremely sharp inflammatory reaction in the body. As the larvae begin to multiply beneath in the skin, infection and severe itching follows. One of the characteristics of this disease is that the path the larvae leave behind and the trail they make is visible beneath the skin and to the human eye. It is possible that the larvae might move from one place to another at the rate of a few millimeters to a few centimeters in a day.

The bacterium that primarily causes Creeping Eruption is known as Ancylostoma braziliense. Anti-worm treatment is usually given to get rid of this menace. Topical creams and lotions containing potent worm treatment therapy are highly effective in killing off the eggs and larvae that are visible on the skin.

The best way to prevent Creeping Eruption is to ensure that a high level of sanitation is maintained and hygiene is conducted among children. It can also help to de-worm pets especially cats and dogs that are primary carriers of this worm. It is imperative that children are made to wear footwear or shoes when playing outdoors. This will greatly help in bringing down the penetration of the larvae at the feet and largely cut down infection rates among children.