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Birthmarks - Causes of Benign Formation on Skin at Birth

Newborn infants and babies in many cases or instances are born with non lasting patches or splotches that shortly go away as they conform to life beyond the womb. Sometimes the marks appear after the babies are born or shortly after their birth. These marks known as birthmarks vary from barely noticeable to highly conspicuous, but it does not concern how big or small or widespread they are, they are just plainly discomfiting.

Birthmarks can be stretched flat or elevated, may have definite or indefinite edges, and sometimes also come in distinct nuances of dyeing ranging from dark brown, bronze, black, or sometimes earthy blue to crimson and scarlet. The two known types of skin blemishes are crimson vascular constrictions and pigmented birthmarks. Stork bites, port wine stains, strawberry hemangiomas angel kisses, and macular stains fall under the former category whilst moles, mongolian spots, café-au-lait moles etc. fall under the pigmented birthmark category. The vascular category of birthmarks occurs when blood vessels do not constitute accurately. In such circumstances there may be too many of these vessels or these vessels maybe wider than normal and these get knotted together. Pigmented birthmarks happen due to a profusion of the growth of cells that cause pigmentation

Birthmarks are usually benign and most of them disappear with the passage of time. However there are specific kinds of birthmarks that are affiliated with health issues, which may be needed to be thoroughly checked. Most doctors assess or estimate the nature, quality, ability, extent, or significance of the birthmark when it first forms to ascertain its character and the kind of treatment it requires, if needed. The doctor however should be alerted if there is further development in the transformation of the birthmark, especially if the mark starts to bleed, cause pain in the area, itch, or develops an infection. Like any form of trauma or open wound, the area where the bleeding appears needs to be cleaned thoroughly with gentle soap or a cleansing agent and cool water. Use cotton gauze or a bandage to apply stiff force on the place until the bleeding ceases. Till the time the first id methods are applied, call for the doctor.

Help the child cope with the birthmark at a very young age especially if the area is large and in an exposed part of the skin. It's of crucial importance that the child learns to be emotionally strong and gathers supportive strength from his or her family members when he or she is being asked awkward questions, by people at large.