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Age Spots on the body: Treating Age Spots

Age spots are patches that appear on the facial region, hands, arms and other exposed parts of the body. They are also known as liver spots or solar lentigines and they appear as flat, patches on the skin that are usually gray, black o brown in color. Age spots do not have a fixed shape and these patches vary according to size. Mostly adults over the age of 40 are affected by this skin condition but off late younger people too have begun to develop these spots. Age spots are a harmless skin condition and do not denote anything serious. Although these do not require any specific treatment their presence and development is quite unnerving and they have an appearance that looks serious. As a result of increased pigmentation these spots take on darker shades of colors such as brown, black and gray.

Although most people affected by these spots choose to go in for skin bleaching products that help to lighten the dark patches, in reality prevention is the only known method that can help prevent these spots from appearing if steps are taken in the initial stages.

How to Remove Age Spots? Lightening Age Spots

These spots appear as small as freckles and can also grow to be more than a centimeter is diameter. What makes these spots so prominent is they group together forming a large patch and appearing ominous. Age spots can be seen in addition to other forms of sun damage such as burrowed wrinkles, scaly rough skin, thin red veins on the nose, ears and chest and finer more delicate-like appearing skin.

Usually age spots take a number of years to develop and hence too much sun exposure over the years is one of the biggest culprits for this condition. In addition genetics is also known to play a major role in the susceptibility of this disorder and it depends upon the individual's level of predisposition. Medications and therapies to treat age spots include recommended lightening creams or applications that contain hydroquinone or retinoids and steroids.

These creams help to fade age spots over a period of few months. It is imperative that the individual stays away from the harsh sunlight in addition to the prescribed medication. Cosmetic treatments include laser therapy, freezing or cryotherapy, dermabrasion, chemical peels etc. Prevention would include maximum protection from the sun. Broad spectrum sunscreen along with skin friendly clothes and materials used to shade out the sun are good practices to begin from an early age as these could help prevent a host of other problems as well.