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Skin Complexion and Texture

The skin condition is commonly talked in terms of the complexion and texture. Complexion is the visual assessment of our skin color, tone and clarity. The skin texture describes the appeal of our skin to touch. Together, complexion and texture reflect the apparent character and the general health of the skin.

As explained in the previous chapter, different skin types have different complexions and textures. Genes and age are the two unalterable determinants responsible for the differences in the skin type amongst people.

Extreme weather conditions, wrong skin care, use of improper cosmetics and certain skin maladies such as acne and pigmentation also change the skin's color, tone and texture adversely.

The "Unalterable" Genetic and Age Factors

Let's first understand what is meant by unalterable in order to understand the role of the two factors. Genetic factor is an immutable, changeless identity code which we are born with. Age is an irreversible process of nature.

Each individual is different from the others. The differences in the facial features, body structure, skin type, complexion and texture are due to the different genetic codes inherited by the individuals.

Research reveals that people belonging to different races are genetically endowed with different numbers of oil glands, sweat glands, hair and other skin variations. This can logically help us to understand how the skin type, color and tone differences occur amongst people. With age, we find that skin loses its qualitative appeal. The skin texture becomes thin, dry and loose. The cell renewal process diminishes with age.

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