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Winter Skin Care

In the excruciating heat of the summer sun, our skin is subjected to the lashing of ultraviolet radiation. In the contrary, even in the loss of heat and the falling of snowflakes, are skin are still not safe. In this extreme cold, our skin can suffer a lot of damages, but with winter skin care, your skin and you can make it through. 

In the summer, the skin is greatly susceptible to sunburns. In the winter, the skin is susceptible to irritation and drying. Amidst the low humidity, the skin becomes, as I said, dry and irritated, and this can even lead to eczema. But there are ways to prevent all these from happening. To take good care of your skin, your natural armor against the reality of the world.

Humidifiers are a good way to counteract the low humidity of winter times. Though some humidifiers may prove to be a bit hassling to the pocket, there are also cheaper humidifiers that are available over-the-counter in drug stores. These humidifiers prevent the drying and the itching of skin that can surely arise in the extreme winter temperature.

Another winter skin care method is to switch to an oil-based moisturizer and then moisturized as frequently as possible. So, why oil-based you may ask? Actually, oil based creams or ointments are by technical definition, composed of 20% water and 80% oils. This reality makes it possible for water-in-oil emulsion to create a protective covering on the skin that would moisturize the skin better than the conventional lotions.

There are also winter skin care methods, which you can apply prior to heading out you houses and exposing yourself to the winter environment. Even if it may be winter time, you should always use a sunscreen of an SPF of 15 or greater in lengthened outdoor activities. Though it is winter, the sun never disappears, and its UV rays are available all throughout the year. Apply the sunscreen to exposed areas such as the face and hands.

Another winter skin care method is of course to wear gloves and dress in layers. Wearing gloves will reduce the bodily damage to you since less of your body is exposed. In dressing in layers, this is to prevent overheating which also cause itching of skin. When you dress in layers it is easier to remove certain layers so that overheating will not occur. It is also fervently imposed that loose cotton wear be the garment closest to your skin.

In the most extreme of environments, our skin is in grave danger. In winter we should take winter skin care methods to prevent increased damage to your skin. Also remember that summer is not the only hazardous season of the year so always remain conscious in ways to prevent aggravated skin damage.