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A toner is definitely something that should be part of any regimen you have for your face. There are many kinds of different toners in the market, of different names and of different brands. There is one thing all these varieties have in common though and that is to care for your skin.

A skin toner rejuvenates your skin. It is recommended that you wash your face daily. When you do, the make up you wore; the dirt that has accumulated on your face throughout the day, and all the dead cells on your skin is removed. But when you wash your face especially when you are very thorough about it, you are also removing the natural protection of your skin. Fortunately, facial toners are available to help you out. It is an astringent’s job to restore that natural protection by restoring the pH balance of your skin.

When you choose a facial toner, choose one that has anti-aging properties. This kind of product will tighten your facial pores. Wrinkles and other fine lines on your face will be diminished. Aside from that, a skin toner can also improve the circulation and you will end up with a healthy glowing skin. A toner also helps in hydrating your skin.

If you have problem skin, a toner can also help you out. You can expect the astringent to moisturize, refresh, nourish, cleanse, rejuvenate, and sooth your skin. Definitely these characteristics will help you remedy some of the skin problems nagging at you.

As mentioned, there are numerous toners available in the market. If you buy one, make sure that the product does not contain alcohol. You will only be harming yourself if you do so. This is because alcohol will cause damage to the soluble collagen that can be found beneath the skin surface. Also, alcohol tends to make the skin dry.

Choose instead toners that contain herbs such as burdock, nettle, sage, ivy, lemon, geranium, and witch hazel. You would also do well with a toner that has honey in it. They should also have Vit. E and other moisturizers. A toner must also contain essential oils, as these are very gentle. If you have sensitive skin, choose these kinds of astringents.

When you include a toner in your facial skin care regimen, you are sure to be rewarded with excellent results. You will have skin improvement in all aspects, no doubt about that.