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Stretch Mark

The reason a stretch mark occurs is the expanding of skin. When skin expands due to pregnancy or weight gain the skin expands to its limit. Once the limit is reached tiny tears appear in the skin, these tiny tears form a stretch mark. Many women are left with stretch marks that have occurred from pregnancy. Some teenagers may experience stretch marks from rapid weight gain. A stretch mark can occur on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks or breasts. There are several ways in which to treat stretch marks.

A permanent solution is to have stretch mark removal performed. Plastic surgery is one way in which to permanently remove the stretch marks from your body. Stretch mark removal is most commonly treated through laser surgery. This is a simple outpatient procedure that is commonly used to remove stretch marks from the skin. This is little recovery time needed after the procedure.

Another option for stretch mark removal is the use of stretch mark cream or lotion. The most common type of stretch mark cream is one that uses cocoa butter. The stretch mark cream works by saturating your skin with needed moisturizers.

A stretch mark cream is also great to help repair the elastin growth and collagen in your skin. There are several specially formulated creams or lotions that are designed to rebuild the structure of your skin. During this rebuilding process your skin’s layers will experience a rejuvenation period. Many stretch mark creams heal and moisturizer your damaged skin. Several brands offer customers a money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

A more natural way of removing stretch marks is through diet and exercise. Since a stretch mark can occur from weight gain once a person begins to exercise those tiny tears in the skin will fade in appearance. If an individual is extremely overweight the individual should consult with their physician before starting an exercise program.

By eating a well-balanced diet filled with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables a person can greatly reduce the appearance of stretch marks. An individual should also drink plenty of water in order to ensure healthy skin.

Stretch marks are a very common problem with an easy solution. When dealing with the removal of stretch marks it is best to try two or three options at once. For instance a person could diet and exercise while using a stretch mark cream. This is a powerful threesome that is sure to work.